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Lakhvir Sonu Singh

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Readtoawake is the personal finance blog for those who find themselves in financial difficulties and for those who want to improve their financial lives.

After 2 years of our marriage, we found our self in financial turmoil. Having a mortgage, car debt, credit card debt and other personal loans, our financial life was ruined. We were heavily in debt.

We were both working and earning enough but we did not know where our money was going so we made a conscious decision of becoming financially educated. We wanted to know how can we get out of debt. We started reading a lot of books and personal finance blogs. In the next 10 months, we were able to eliminate our debt, thanks to all the knowledge we gained from books and blogs.

After getting out of debt, we applied the same strategy to learn "how to invest money wisely." We started reading a lot of investing books and blogs. We attended seminars of professional investing gurus. We watched every video, we could find on YouTube. We learned many things about different investments. We started investing our money. Initially, we made some investing mistakes. But we followed the rule of "start small, make mistakes, learn from your mistakes and grow." Now no matter we work or not our cash flow is guaranteed.

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