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GMAT Preparation For International Students

I am not an English native speaker, however I was able to score a 780 on my first attempt on the GMAT exam ; I understood that GMAT does not test your knowledge on facts or even language but challenges your comprehension and analytical skills. When you understand that success on GMAT depends on how you think and your approach to problems rather than mere memorization you will be able to overcome any obstacles. Hence I specialized in teaching these skills for non-native English speakers by developing strategies and methods for the verbal section and techniques for the quantitative section.

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- Scored a verified 780 (99th percentile) on the GMAT Exam - 99th percentile GMAT quant and verbal scores - Master's Degree in Engineering

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Non-native English speakers will often find the verbal section of the GMAT intimidating so this article will be very helpful for them especially. They don't need to worry excessively about being at a

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I have been surprised to find out that several academics have recently surveyed related research studies and have determined that in fact non-native speakers usually make better English language

Reference & Education> Standardized Tests l 2 years ago

700 is seen as a magic number by many attempting the test. But let's examine if 700 is really necessary to gain admission to a top-20 business school.

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