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Edwin L Ritter

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Ed Ritter is the owner and manager of Wildlife Management Enterprises, LLC. Ed obtained his Master of Science degree in Wildlife Management and his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Northeast Louisiana University. He has over 20 years of wildlife habitat ecology and management experience, is a Certified Wildlife Biologist, an avid hunter, and a Licensed Real Estate Broker through the Texas Real Estate Commission.

Ed has extensive knowledge and expertise in wildlife ecology and management, wetlands restoration and enhancement, wetlands design and construction, topographical surveys, wetlands ecology and management, waterfowl ecology, moist soil management, coastal marsh management, whitetail deer ecology, upland wildlife habitat ecology and management, upland habitat restoration and enhancement, as well as real estate. His entire career has been spent working with private landowners in Louisiana and Texas to restore, enhance, and manage the natural resources and increase the value of their properties.

Ed was employed with Ducks Unlimited, Inc. for over 15 years where he held numerous positions including Director of Conservation Programs (TX, NM, OK, KS), Manager of Conservation Programs, Regional Biological Supervisor, Regional Biologist, Project Biologist, and Biological Technician.

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Why lease hunting land that you have limited or no control over and that may be here today and gone tomorrow? Why not buy your own hunting property that you have full control over, can manage the way

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Wildlife management on smaller recreational hunting properties can present a special challenge for the landowner. The home range of many species of wildlife can cover one square mile or more. As a

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Fire has been a naturally occurring process in nature for millions of years. Both naturally occurring and man induced fires have helped to shape and define our landscape and the wildlife that depend

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So you are finally ready to pursue your life-long dream of owning your own hunting property. You now are faced with the daunting task of finding that perfect property you've daydreamed about for so

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Texans have a deep rooted passion for hunting and wildlife-related outdoor recreation. Over 94% of all land in Texas is under private ownership, with very limited recreational hunting opportunities

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According to the Texas Comptroller over 144 million acres of land in Texas is currently appraised as agricultural land. Prior to 1995 lands devoted primarily to wildlife management were excluded from

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Moist-soil management by popular definition is the manipulation of soil and water to encourage the establishment of desirable native waterfowl food plants adapted to growth in a wet environment.

Real Estate> Land l 2 years ago

Developing waterfowl habitat on your farm, ranch, or recreational hunting property is probably one of the most cost-effective and rewarding types of wildlife habitat development there is. If properly

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Along the Texas Gulf Coast lies a broad coastal plain that extends up to 80 miles inland and encompasses over 9.5 million acres. This ecologically important geographic area is commonly referred to as

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