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John P Dodson

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Hi my name is J.P. Dodson, I suppose that's the best way to start a bio. Overall I'm a kinda weird guy but I think you'd find me likeable. I'm 19 years old, was born May 20th (wish me a happy birthday if it's near =p) in 1992. Some of my favorite sports are Basketball (definitely my favorite), Table Tennis, and Golf. Basketball has been a huge passion of mine throughout my entire life. I played throughout my entire childhood, high school, and even a year in college so far.

Sports are extremely important to me, but my physics major might be even more important. I plan on one day achieving a doctorate degree in theoretical physics. I began my studies at Santa Barbara City College and will continue them at a University. Physics is an amazing subject, and please feel free to message me your crazy thoughts and ideas on physics any time! I really enjoy just talking about it with other people, no matter how it applies to physics.

My overall views on life are complicated and simple. Because guess what? That's what life is. I like to make things simple but it's undeniable life is very complicated. I usually identify as a Libertarian but I don't like affiliating myself with anything in particular. I give everything a chance (if it's possible) and form my beliefs from my past experience. Maybe I'm right maybe I'm wrong. All I know is the world would not be as exciting if there was one belief system that was objectively right and another that was objectively wrong.

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