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John Dmytruk

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I write sports stories about the St Louis Rams and LA Dodgers, I also write all types of fictional stories. When I write an article, I include my drawings to accompany these stories. Besides writings, I also play the Acoustic Guiter and Drums. I have also written songs as well. At the present moment, I am iin the process of wroking on a fictional book about the human rights violations in Guatemala. My main character in this story is a CIA agent named Jill. She is captured by Guatemalen Miltary as she tries to warn a village of a miltary raid. After her capture, fiftty Green Berets, rebels, and Christian figures try to free her. This does have a Christian tone.

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If you believe in God, then do you really believe that He would allow conspiracies to succeed? He has put an end to conspiracies in the past.

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