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Assisting all that are interested in finding the information they seek.

Jay Westing has been involved in behind-the-scenes internet marketing since 2002. He has now made the decision to come into the spotlight with his introductory blog at: My purpose on the Internet is to provide a variety of information that is hoped to be beneficial. My logo is a hound done with the purpose to sniff out a variety of information. Along the same track I am sniffing out and introducing the possibilities of making money on line, for those who are interested. My focus is then to basically provide information to make an informed decision.

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You can achieve greater productivity by telling others about your goals, which tends to motivate you even further. But, we can take our productivity even further by getting an accountability partner.

Business > Productivity l 2 years ago

Taking the wrong action happens to be closely related to procrastination - indeed, it's really a subset of procrastination. So instead of procrastination that grinds all activity to a halt, you

Business > Productivity l 2 years ago

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