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Gihan Perera

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Gihan Perera is a consultant, speaker, and author who works with smart, passionate businesspeople who have an important message, idea or entrepreneurial business practice. He helps them leverage their products, services and business practices - particularly with their online strategy.

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Paid membership sites can be very profitable, but it's not easy to succeed with them. Many business owners have big plans for their membership site, but are soon disappointed and frustrated with the

Internet Businesses> Forums l 2 years ago

Online video has finally come of age. Until recently, video on the Internet was slow, clunky and required special software. Now it's a dream come true. Internet access is better, the software for

Internet Businesses> Video Streaming l 2 years ago

Paid membership sites have become hot Internet properties recently, but most people who start them don't succeed with them. A profitable membership site can add new income streams, reach new markets,

Internet Businesses> Forums l 2 years ago

Audio can be the perfect vehicle for business owners to distribute their message and promote their business. It makes a stronger connection than just written text, and it's easier to produce than

Internet Businesses> Audio Streaming l 2 years ago

Webinars are powerful tools for promoting your business and delivering educational material. They provide a combination of visuals, voice and audience interaction in a very flexible way, which makes

Communications> Video Conferencing l 2 years ago

Attending a webinar is different from attending a face-to-face event, like a workshop or seminar. Because it's usually shorter, done from the comfort of your home or office, and there's nobody

Communications> Video Conferencing l 2 years ago

There's a difference between presenting a webinar and hosting a webinar: a webinar presenter delivers material, and a webinar host provides the best environment for the presenter and audience. Keep

Communications> Video Conferencing l 2 years ago

When you send an ezine to your subscribers, the formatting and layout are important, because they form part of your brand, which affects how readers perceive your newsletter. By using the same

Internet Businesses> Ezine Publishing l 2 years ago

Because webinar technology is fairly new, some people use different names to describe it. All of these terms are used to describe some sort of event delivered over the Internet, but they have some

Communications> Video Conferencing l 2 years ago

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