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William A. Edwards

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I call myself Missionary Bill. My purpose is to help people understand that YOU CAN TRUST GOD. That's a simple, but very important, lesson of life that I have learned over the past forty years that I've been a Born Again Believer in Jesus. During that time I am sorry to say that I have learned more about the Christian Life by trial and error, than by studying the Bible and seeking the Lord in prayer. However, when I did finally decide to commit to a serious study of the Word of God and to seek the Lord in prayer each day, my life changed in many ways. I began to understand that no matter how many Church Services or Bible Study sessions I attended, there was simply no substitute for personal Bible reading and daily prayer.

If you require a label, most people would consider me a Born-Again, Bible Believing, Conservative Christian. I study and use the King James Version Bible. I am not a Pastor, but have held many positions in local churches and helped to plant a handfull in different areas of the Northeast USA. I have a certificate in Biblical Studies, but am certainly not a Bible Scholar. What I have learned by experience working in local Churches and with people that I consider to be great men and women of God, along with my personal studies in the Word of God, is what I hope to share with you.

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