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Phil Craven had over 18 years of experience working in the Personal Finance Sector from clerk through to manager. During his time as a Personal Account Manager at a major bank in the UK he managed over 30,000 customers. He has followed this with 12 years spent successfully in other sectors, running numerous successful projects and programmes in the public and private sector. Now running his own company, specialising in online products and services he is going to provide a series of guides, on key areas of personal finance for the general public to use to help provide some support in their quest for the right financial products for them. His experience gained outside the financial sector affords him the skills to take a detached view and hopefully help to demystify the jargon for the personal banking customer. He has no agenda either pro or anti the banks or the banking system, just a desire to help individuals to make the right choices for them and for their families. The guides will not be long or complicated, but short and concise. They will not divert from the topic and will suggest a few simple steps that consumers should consider before purchasing a financial product. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Credit scoring is a tool used by lenders to categorize what level of risk you are to them if they give you credit. The level can not only define whether they will lend to you at all, but the price at

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