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Linda P. Jones

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America's Wealth Mentor, Linda P. Jones, shows women the path to wealth and security by connecting universal principles with practical financial steps to build wealth now. She is the CEO and founder of the Global Institute of Wealth for Women, where women are educated about money.

What Linda teaches goes beyond her experiences in the investment industry. She follows cycles-repeatable and predictable patterns that forecast the best future investment opportunities years in advance. Savvy institutional investors who manage money for the elite are aware of how cycles impact investing directly and profoundly, but most of the investment community is not aware of their accuracy, or of how they directly connect the financial and spiritual. Linda was able to identify how there are regular repeating cycles and bubbles and teaches clients about what they are, how to recognize the peak, and where to invest and build wealth in each cycle.

Linda's interest in money and wealth began at an early age. As a child, she began to question and search for the answer to "why are some people rich?" At age 10, she read "Think and Grow Rich" and continued reading books about millionaires.

After graduating from the University of Washington with a bachelor's degree in business, and becoming a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), Linda worked in the investment industry in Seattle, San Francisco, and New York for more than 25 years, representing many of the industry's best money managers and being responsible for an 8 state territory with over 0 million in annual investment sales.

While in her late 20s, she identified a wealth building process which she calls, "The 8 Steps to Wealth," put it into practice, and became a millionaire at age 38. She devised these steps after noticing similarities millionaires shared, which lead them to their success.

Her husband, Roger, died suddenly from a brain aneurysm and Linda realized her life's purpose was to share her unique ideas about how to invest and build wealth, and founded the Global Institute of Wealth for Women and Be Wealthy & Smart.

Linda teaches women all over the world her personal wealth building system, which begins with having a wealthy mindset and ends with creating your legacy.

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Many people are under the mistaken assumption that if they don't have a lot of money to invest, that they can't build wealth. Sometimes that's true, but not today!

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Times are scary now because the world is changing quickly. Old systems are going by the wayside and new opportunities are replacing them. Rather than get stuck in fear, you need to move out of it

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