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Faina Sechzer is the expert in diagnosing business problems, so women owners can achieve, rather then sacrifice, financial, emotional and physical freedom. She works exclusively with practice owners such as coaches, consultants, and holistic practitioners.

Faina is known for quickly grasping:

where your are the business, what stands in the way of success, what is the fastest way to profits how to enjoy and support your health, important relationships, and building your legacy.

Faina's proprietary state of the art system Fabulous Life - helps women grow profitable businesses while enjoying life, love, health, and making a difference in the world.

Faina's ebook "7 Business Success Myths And What To do Instead", is a must read for coaches, consultants, holistic practitioners and other service providers. She is also the author of "3 Secrets to Happiness, Even If.....", an e-book teaching happiness strategies, even if your business and life are not yet all it can be.

Faina's background spans 20+ years of business success, rising within senior corporate management, to one of the first (and few) female senior principals for three major consulting firms, to running several small businesses, to earning six figures income by her 30's.

Faina has the MSEE from the Kiev Polytechnical Institute.

She encourages each woman to define her own success. Her own is based on the story of her life:

Loss -- of her mom to cancer at 16, her 18 year marriage, her father's sudden death Courage -- leaving Ukraine without a penny, but with a dream to be free Struggle -- living alone in NYC with a two year old and working full time Business Success -- earning over six figure income by the time she was 30 Dark Fear -- diagnosed with breast cancer and struggling to survive Endurance -- searching for her path to doing what she loves, Learning -- the meaning of true Big Vision Success (it's not in the money) Great Love -- learning to live it and to keep it

A Certified NLP success, life and health coach, Faina has been profiled, interviewed, and published on various media, including the: LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, all Chicago Tribune's print and Internet media, Conversations magazine, and several radio shows.

She is a world traveler, insatiable reader, loves dancing, talking and connecting.

Faina, her husband and 2 sons live in Princeton, New Jersey.

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