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Laurie Brenner

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Member since: Apr 27, 2012

Managing editor of a small town weekly newspaper in a past life, Laurie's an award-winning author with two published books under her belt and more in the works.

With a career path that looks more like a switchback trail, Laurie's done everything from Accounting to Writing, with a stop off at Business Administration, Marketing, Newspaper editing, reporting, layout and Museum Management along the way.

Besides her real-world experience, Laurie's a confirmed and die-hard do-it-yourselfer; she started out "fixing" things when she was little and loves working with her hands.

After designing her dream house which she helped her husband build, Laurie paints with watercolors, oils and acrylics, draws, sews, quilts, knits and crochets, though not in that order (her favorite thing is working with clay). She loves to sing, but "can't carry a tune in a bucket" (as her mother says when she sings -- "are you hurting somewhere?") and loves good books, music and compelling movies.

Oh yeah and writing ... lots and lots of writing.

Laurie loves writing to most any topic, especially if she knows about it -- and loves to share what she's learned with others.

A freelance editor and writer, Laurie uses the spiritual principles she writes about and has left the corporate world behind to pursue life on her terms.

Feel free to contact her at one of her many websites.

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