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Sally J Anderson

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Sally Anderson is one of Australasia's Foremost Thinkers in Sustainable Transformation. A leading edge Leadership Coach, Leadership Retreat Facilitator. Inspirational Speaker, Author, Seminar Leader, Master Coach Trainer. Sally has inspired thousands of people from feeling disempowered in their personal & professional lives to experiencing outstanding sustainable results. Her most recent accomplishment is launching her book entitled "Freefall - Living Life Beyond the Edge" in New York in November 2011.

Sally Anderson has 20 years of corporate experience, latterly as Program Director for some of the world's leading fortune 500s. Her unique personal perspectives, traumatic history and eventual mastery as a transformational coach provides a rare combination of talents, which Sally uses to wake up organisations and individuals to their true potential. As a result Sally has a sound knowledge base for her philosophy and teachings and their application to the business world.

In the early 80's Sally was abducted and gang raped at the age of 16 by the Mongrel Mob in one of the worst reported gang rapes in New Zealand's history. Her story of survival, courage and transformation was profiled in September 13 2004, on the TV3 60 Minute Documentary. Her determination to regain her life following this major trauma has shaped her personal development and destiny to become one of the most preeminent speakers and coaches we have seen.

Sally is passionate about the advancement of human performance and is pioneering new ways of being in human consciousness through providing revolutionary education. With her trademark passion and stalwart commitment, Sally is committed to "sharing her wealth of knowledge", spreading her message to an ever-increasing audience by taking the mystery out of achieving sustainable results. "We have to get people into a simple conversation about why they tolerate not achieving the transformation they want," she says. "It's a confronting conversation for many, but it doesn't need to be."

With her straightforward message on how to attain sustainable results, Sally has taught thousands of people from all walks of life how achieve unrecognizable results both personally and professionally. As Founder of Sally Anderson International Limited and Freefall International Limited. Sally has shared her proprietary Freefall Education® strategies at seminars for more than 9 years, and is now embarking on launching in the USA.

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