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Tim Houghten

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Tim (aka the International Nomad) picked up the travel bug at a young age from his missionary parents. He is now a Freelancer, business consultant, and writer who has adventured through much of Europe as well as North and South America. Tim has now joined the ranks of those living the jet set lifestyle as an international nomad on the constant exploration of new sights, sounds and tastes.

Tim specializes writing on: Business: marketing, internet marketing, recruiting, planning and outsourcing. Health & Fitness: martial arts, nutrition, body building, weight training. Travel: destination pieces, hotel reviews, unique offbeat perspectives. Mortgages & Real Estate: mortgage financing, real estate, investing.

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Everyone wants to be in 'distressed asset' acquisitions today. It's the cool term of the moment in real estate investment circles and it can be incredibly profitable. However there is more than one

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