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Karen L. Paiyo

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Karen L. Paiyo is an Australian Small Business Counsellor, supporting and nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship in the Asia Pacific Region. Karen empowers small business owners by transferring to them the skills and expertise needed to help them take their business ideas from creative concept to profitable reality, faster and with less risk.

Karen is also the founder of Prosperity WealthStream, the daily money management method that provides a simple framework for managing your personal finances in such a way as to provide financial security, the foundations of future wealth and freedom from the stresses and strains of worrying about paying your bills.

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As a small business counsellor, I am often asked for suggestions as to the best resources for various aspects of running a small business. As social media has evolved to become a key tool in any

Book Reviews> Business l 2 years ago

Found Money by Steve Wilkinghoff is a must-read guide whose purpose is to help small business owners uncover the hidden profit and cash flow in their businesses. Short and to the point, Wilkinghoff

Book Reviews> Business l 2 years ago

Six Steps to Creating Profit by Patricia Sigmon is an easy to digest checklist for improving your business operations and driving profits. This book is targeted at existing businesses looking to

Book Reviews> Business l 2 years ago

As far as business books go The Profit Principle - How to turn what you know into what you do - without spending (or borrowing) a cent! is different. It debunks everything you thought you knew about

Book Reviews> Business l 2 years ago

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