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Phillis Alexander

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I've been cooking since I was 9 years old. My first meal consisted of frying 2 whole chickens, peeling & mashing 5 lbs. of potatoes, picking 3 lbs. of fresh green beans, and making a salad. That might have a little to do with my love affair with food - helping mom prepare for a family of 11. So, I thought it was about time I shared some of the intimate details of my passion with like-minded folks. Like many of you, I'd bet, I don't have to be happy, sad, angry, depressed or experience any particular emotion in order to eat. I love to eat, but often have to remind myself that "I eat to live - not live to eat!" I also enjoy cooking - which many women profess to dislike.

So, in this site I'll share some of my favorite recipes, some of my mom's family secret recipes and cooking tips for small or large families/events, catering tips and much more.

On my website, I honor the memory of my mother by sharing some of her favorite recipes. As a Pastor's wife, she spent many a Saturday evening preparing meals for her Sunday-dinner guests as well as for her own large family. She's my inspiration and my mentor. From her I learned to cook for large groups; I learned kitchen ethics, proportion sizes, substitution ideas and much more. I love sharing some of hers as well as my own tasty recipes, tips and tricks.

I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex - I'm semi-retired, have 3 grown children and am a grandmother of 4 wonderful grandsons. My husband and I both love to cook; we enjoy traveling and singing gospel music together.

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So, "why don't women cook anymore?" The focus isn't on women alone - why do men accept wives who can't cook? Or for that matter, why aren't mothers teaching their daughters to cook? If you feel that

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