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Kay Bransford

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After my mom had a stroke, I noticed a significant change in my mom's ability to hold a conversation or memory - yet neither she nor my father would admit there was anything wrong. After years of supporting my mom, my dad lost his short term memory. I have two parents with no short term memory and a mom with dementia - but neither parent will recognizes that there is a problem.

Luckily, I'm one of four siblings. However I'm the only one that lives near my parents. My siblings come to town to help out with minor home repairs and doctor's appointments, but we were unstructured and many items just fell through the cracks. I created a book that allowed us to track and manage all personal, financial, medical, online and household records for my parents.

As I struggled to spend time with my parents since they couldn't remember the conversation we were in - I started asking them about their childhood, college and family details. In addition to the great pictures my mom had collected in a scrapbook, I started to add in the stories around her photographs.

When I told friends and colleagues about the tools I developed, they asked me for copies so they could help out their parents. I brought both books to market under the name of MemoryBanc and went out on my own to build this business. We are committed to collect and preserve individual memories and personal wishes.

Remarkably, most of our clients are baby boomers who are building these books to give to their children and family.

When a person lives many years, let us rejoice in each day.

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