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Tony Sellick

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I have been involved in computers ever since I first worked behind a drawing board at what was English Electric Computers in 1967. There I used to design printed circuit boards using black tape which was stuck down to represent the tracks and which was then photographically reduced from a huge size down to a small printed circuit board. As soon as computers became popular I brought a Commodore VIC20 and have never been without a computer since. I started with MS-DOS and have been through all the versions of Windows. I started on line in 1995 using a 14.4 kb dial up modem and did my first website in 1997 using Netscape Composer which was part of the most popular browser at the time. Nowadays I design, host and promote websites. For website design I use Dreamweaver and use CSS throughout. I have also been involved in the forklift truck business for forty two years.

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Your website has to "live" somewhere in cyberspace. That somewhere is normally on a web server which is simply a specialised computer. In theory any computer connected to the internet could be

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