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Jason W Franklin

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In 1991 my family became involved in the martial arts through a local school in an effort to add an additional resource of discipline and motivation for my younger brother. Within a couple of years my entire family was practicing the Traditional Korean Art of Kuk Sool.

After Graduating from Clear Lake High School in 1992 and spending a few less than spectacular semesters at a local Junior College, I decided that maybe the working world was where I belonged. Starting from the bottom of the ladder I was able to build a very successful career in "Big Box" Retail Management, ultimately making District Manager for the second largest retailer in my field.

In 2002 My family decided to take their personal passion for the Martial Arts and make it a career. They requested my assistance in making this dream a reality. Moving my family back to Texas from Tampa Florida to open our school was one of the best decisions that I have ever made (next to marrying my wife of coarse).

The passion that my family has always had for the martial arts has now spilled over into personal speaking engagements, of which I have done a little more than 230 since 2004. Having the opportunity to give back to my local community and Businesses in this manner is a great honor, and I am happy to share any knowledge that I may have with others as it was so freely given to me.

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Throughout my life I have had the good fortune to be surrounded by a field of positive role models. In my childhood, professional career, and martial arts career this has been the one constant. No

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