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Peter J Dickinson

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Peter Dickinson is an experienced director, high growth business coach, facilitator, interim, marketeer, customer services champion, project manager, change management consultant, advisor, and facilitator and has worked with over 250 companies helping develop a systematic approach to growing their businesses.

Working with companies as a high growth business coach, facilitator or interim, Peter will help crystallise the vision, rationalise strategy, identify the most cost effective routes to market including the development of new products, develop a consistent sales approach, champion customer service, streamline processes and identify key performance indicators to help drive the business to meet the goals of the main stakeholders.

Contact Peter Dickinson at if you would like a high growth business coach/facilitator/interim who can help you increase your sales and profit.

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High growth businesses need dynamic leadership. The culture of a business comes from its leaders. If the leader has a clear vision, sense of purpose, is a good communicator, motivates the team,

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