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Steve Little

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As an acclaimed veteran entrepreneur, Steve Little understands all aspects of finding, designing and growing successful businesses.

He has been building successful businesses for over 4 decades. In that time, he has enjoyed a multitude of successful ventures of virtually all kinds.

Everything from his first commercial venture at the age of 13, which sold a few years later for a handsome 6-figure sum, to several successful venture capital backed global software companies which he grew to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, produce dramatic returns for investors and employ thousands of people world-wide. He has built equally as many wildly successful home-based, lifestyle businesses.

He is widely recognized as an exceptional leader who has mastered the unique skills necessary for creating opportunities where others don't, transforming obstacles into powerful advantages and shifting unfavorable odds to gain a commanding advantage.

Steve regularly teaches and advises business owners how to capitalize on opportunities to organize and grow their businesses to win big in highly competitive markets.

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