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Sharon M Ross

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Hi, I am Sharon from

I'm the author of an upcoming book, "The D-Factor" where I help women turn dreams into actions to maximize their fortune and fun. You can get a free copy at

As a married working mother with 2 school aged children, I understand the challenges of balancing the demands of marriage, parenthood, career development and personal growth.

I have gone through 2 different deployments when my husband, an Army Reservist, was activated to Iraq. Through this experience, I developed strategies to respond to the stresses of trying to help my children understand the situation we went through, to move my career along, and to maintain the household while personally dealing with the uncertainty of it all. Then upon his return, we created ways to rediscover each other as we entered the re-integration process - to find our new normal, if you will.

My corporate experience includes being a project manager in a major financial institution, successfully running multi-million dollar projects in a matrixed virtual global environment. I have worked both in an office and have telecommuted and understand the pros and cons of each.

My formal education is a MBA with a concentration in Management of Information Systems and a Bachelors of Science in business administration with a concentration in Marketing. (I just can't make myself say I have a BS in Marketing. It is too funny.)

I am a certified Coach with Coach Training Alliance. My forte is being my clients' accountability partner for each of them to pursue the dream of her choice.

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