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My entrepreneurial career began about 30 years when I was just 21 years old. After leaving University I began a career as a share market operator for a local stock broking firm. It was the '80's and the Australian share market was in the grips of a mining boom.

The action on the floor was fast paced and exciting but back in the office the atmosphere in the accounts department was dreary and boring. I hated it. And so began my plans to escape.

The bright lights of being a real estate salesman got me and I began my 25+ year love affair with real estate sales. It was at this time I started devouring everything I could get my hands on in the personal and professional success category. In addition to learning from the top teachers in the area of human development and personal achievement, I observed people's behavior and tried to distinguish the characteristics and skills of those at the top compared to everyone else in their fields.

During the next few years I devoured a ton of self help books, listened to hours of motivational tapes and saw my success continue to rise. At the age of 25 I wrote the largest industrial property transaction for my international commercial real estate agency and went on to complete 78% of all business for that department.

By the time I hit 32 I had become the most successful residential agent at Australia's No.1 prestigious resort. In fact on one day in August 1991 I sold 11 homes in just 5 hours - a record which still stands today.

During my real estate selling career I managed to put together over 1000 transactions creating over 0 million in sales. I love real estate and still have interests today.

But even though I had continued to learn and grow, I felt that something was missing. Most of these great teachers talked about the big things people need to do to succeed--such as setting goals, employing discipline, and having a positive attitude--but my gut told me something was still missing. I saw too many people doing these big things, yet still falling short of reaching their goals.

I knew there had to be a better way. A 'place' where people could group, be enlightened, inspired, achieve their goals and to live a fulfilled life.

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