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Stacey Lapuk

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As an award-winning and internationally published interior designer, I needed to find a way to to do what I love, art and design, without relying on what the economy, or my potential clients were doing. Creating a recession-proof business asset that could be integrated into my design work was the answer. I can now help other small business owners, individuals and non-profits do the same, through my Passion-Driven Profits system. At the very least, I teach people how to save money on their monthly recurring bills with no investment or commitment; and at most, if one chooses and if it's the right fit, I help set up a system that can be integrated into one's day-to-day business to get paid back on monthly bills and by companies just by using the products and services already being used, to such an extent that this passive income could put a huge dent in the financial stress of your business and secure one's retirement.

Passion Driven Profits stands for the practical aspects of one's dreams. Everyone should have the opportunity to live on purpose; to create from inspiration; and be empowered to do what they love.

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If you are a high-end custom interior designer, architect, contractor or real estate broker serving the luxury housing market, and are experiencing a downturn in your economy, this article may be the

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