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Adriana Copaceanu

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Originally from Romania, I now live in Virginia with my husband Florin, who is a successful real estate agent, and my 2 children Val and Ana. Back home, in Romania, I was a pharmacy technician, but here in the States I worked as a Quality Assurance Manage, and later on as the General Manager of a small company in San Jose.

After about 10 years, I realized I was giving my work more time/energy than I was giving my children, so I decided to stay home with them. The problem was I couldn't just sit home and wait for them to come home from school. So, I started my quest for a business I could operate from home, while being a good mom to my kids, and eventually decided to design gift baskets.

And, in the process of growing my gift basket business, I learned a lot about the web: how to search for things, how to design a website, how to optimize it for the search engines, and more.

I love to read and learn, and share what I know with others like you.

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