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Doreen Mcgunagle

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"Your big, hairy, audacious performance goals are sunk before you can launch without the right corporate culture. Let's work together to set your organization on the right course to achieve world-class results." -- Dr. Doreen McGunagle

Dr. Doreen McGunagle is fiercely committed to guiding corporate and non-profit leaders who are serious about making corporate culture shifts to boost profits, performance, and growth as world-class service organizations. Since 2006, clients have come to rely upon Dr. McGunagle year after year for her strategic insights and results-focused action plans. She is that skilled, objective, and strategic outside consultant and co-collaborator who can be trusted and counted on to get to the root causes of performance breakdowns to guide organizations to achieve performance breakthroughs that show up readily in the balance sheet and beyond.

At the start of most client engagements, clients are frustrated, concerned, and looking for strategic and tactical alternatives that they couldn't find on their own. Those who once struggled with hiring requirements for key positions, lack of cohesiveness and productivity among the leadership team, and absence of clarity about mission, vision, and values now can look to the future with better systems, focus, and control as a direct result of interventions put in place with Dr. McGunagle leading the way. Typically, major organizational pains start to ease within three months of each project's launch. The fog starts to lift. And solid, smart solutions take shape that deliver meaningful return on investment. New growth, new opportunities, less worry, greater career satisfaction, and decidedly improved team morale are among the results that clients rave about.

Dr. McGunagle comes to each engagement armed with proprietary and road-tested assessment tools that can be counted on to reveal sharp insights to guide organizations to better performance. As she examines key areas such as structural foundation, communications, productivity, employee engagement, execution, and due diligence, her mission is to ensure that each client creates a suitable corporate culture that is set up to support world-class service. Best of all, she has the diplomacy and heart to deliver difficult news skillfully and without judgment so that corrective and decisive actions and favorable cultural shifts can take root and grow.

She earned a MBA from Nova Southeastern University and a PhD in Organization and Management in 2006 from Capalla University. Dr. McGunagle is the also the author of The Chinese Auto Industry: Taming the Dragon.

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