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Neil S Hall

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I am a practising hypnotherapist, seeing clients from all over West Sussex, East Sussex and Surrey (UK). I am also an Associate Lecturer in Classics at the Open University in the South. My main areas of expertise are Ancient Greek literature, especially Greek tragedy and the philosophy of Plato and Aristotle. My PhD thesis (University of Reading, UK) dealt with the influence of Schopenhauer and Wagner upon the early thought of Nietzsche.

I am very interested in music - mainly but not exclusively classical. I am interested in Verdi, Wagner, Richard Strauss, Nielsen - and 19th / 20th century music in general. As a hypnotherapist I am very interested in the effect which music has upon our consciousness, and I hope to carry out some research into this area.

I am passionate about literature and the importance of the humanities within education. I am devoted to Shakespeare and am keenly interested in European, British and American drama, from Aeschylus to Berkoff.

As a hypnotherapist, I am keen to move away from the prevailing view that the only use for hypnosis is to treat issues, ailments, habits, hang-ups etc. Hypnosis can immeasurably enhance all aspects of life. It can help to be better at what we do. It can enhance our ejoyment of the things we love. It can help us to realize our potential in so many ways.

I am also keen on sport and fitness. I attend my local Wado Ryu Karate club for two hours a week and rarely miss a session. I have been involved with Wado Ryu for many years. I am also a very keen walker. I am constantly exploring the endess network of footpaths which run though my home county of West Sussex, England.

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