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Mike Bond

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I'm an Englishman and have lived here in the U.S. for 26 years. As mention below, I've suffered from Depression and Alcoholism, as well as Anxiety and Panic Attacks, which is why I write about them almost exclusively these days. I know a lot about these conditions first hand, and I welcome the chance to help others who suffer the same illnesses.

I love America and the people. I've been married to an American lady, whom I met in England, for all this time. I'm a retired clockmaker, mainly concerned with repair and restoration, although I have made a number of full-going clocks. I enjoy writing, especially espionage/thriller stories and I love humour. Naturally, reading's a very important part of my life. History is a favourite subject, especially European, between 1000 and 1200 A.D. The American Civil War I find most absorbing, if terrible in so many ways, but I still have a great deal to learn here.

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Another problem is criticism. Complain, yes. Your spouse might upset you by doing something she/he may be quite unaware that it annoys you. What's the harm in saying something like;

Relationships> Marriage l 2 years ago

I think three words sum up a happy marriage; give and take. But of course there's much more to it than that. You meet, you fall madly in love, he/she came straight from Heaven above and you decide to

Relationships> Marriage l 2 years ago

One day, while playing soccer, I twisted my knee quite badly. Well, it was a sprain. Understandably enough, there was no in-house doctor. The nursing staff consisted of a very nice and sympathetic

Health & Fitness> Healing Arts l 2 years ago

Are there different types of hypnosis? No. Hypnosis is hypnosis. However, there are many different ways of eliciting the trance. I've often wondered just how many there are. If you had the time and

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Supposing you become angry at something. Anything. I don't mean an insane, psychotic screaming rage, but something relatively small has made you angry. Will you remember it tomorrow? Certainly not

Health & Fitness> Self Hypnosis l 2 years ago

Emotional Intelligence is a pretty new facet of psychology and whenever anything new comes along, so many people are waiting there with their metaphorical guns cocked, ready to shoot it down. In this

Health & Fitness> Emotional Freedom Tips l 2 years ago

If your mother, who's 80 years old, suddenly decides she's going to climb a mountain, then there's a great need for worry! You'd have visions of her falling off a cliff face onto jagged rocks below

Health & Fitness> Mental Health l 2 years ago

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