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Peter Melamed Ph.D.

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Peter Melamed, Ph.D. received his medical education first as a registered nurse and then as a medical doctor in Russia. He took specialized training in anesthesiology, intensive care, and internal medicine. Working as a physician he became interested in holistic healing through his clinical experience with herbs, acupuncture, healing mineral water and internal cleansing. He was granted a license to practice acupuncture in Russia in 1978, and from that time he combined conventional Western medical treatment with herbs, acupuncture, and other non-drug healing therapies. In 1975, Peter Melamed established Biotherapy as a natural holistic approach to healing. Biotherapy combines the wisdom of traditional Russian folk medicine, ancient Oriental medical therapies, and European naturopathy with cutting-edge Western technology. After immigrating to the USA and passing all the exams Peter Melamed succeeded in starting up a private practice in 1996 at the Biotherapy Alternative Medicine Clinic of San Francisco Bay Area. He is author of two books: 1. Natural European Way of Whole Body Cleansing. Karlovy Vary Mineral Water for Healing and Rejuvenation. 2, Healthy Pancreas, Healthy You.

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Modern men live in the toxic world. Living in toxic environment outside and inside the body overwhelms the liver and pancreas. Many people use various liver cleansing techniques. Some of them are

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