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Kit Gillson

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I love to feature current and vintage TV shows, movies and books. Movies are fun to rent, but there's nothing like the real movie theater experience. Aside from the fact that the ticket, popcorn and soda equal a mortgage payment, the darkness and the big screen have their own charm. Don't forget to stay for the credits. You'll find interesting tidbits like the way Martin Scorcese features family members in the cast. The same goes for Sylvester Stallone.

I give new TV shows at least two looks. That helps decide which will never be seen again and which will go on auto-record. I also watch favorite movies over and over, and I reread books I loved. I have a friend who won't watch black and white movies. He'll never experience Cagney or Bogart or Bette Davis! How sad.

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Do you admit you watch American Idol? Do you discuss Survivor? Let's not even mention gathering around the water cooler -- there aren't any now. Are you even hooked on the Kardashians?

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