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Wu & Yeung® Qi Gong Wellness Institute is an International Medical Qi Gong Institute, Canada, we believe in sharing the truth and secrets of natural Qi (Chi, Ki, æ°£,æ°") energy medicine healing to Individuals, Health Care Professionals and Therapists. Teaching internationally for all kinds of health challenges from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, eye problems (Wu's Eye Qi GongâÂ?¢), diabetes to certification programs.

Master Teresa Yeung is a Generational Qi Gong Master named by her Master at his crossing. As Grandmaster Wu's successor, Master Teresa® (æ¥Â?師åÂ?...) now carries the torch and is heir to thousands of years of Medical Qi Gong study and refinement directly from China. Grandmaster Wu (吳師ç¥-) was also a Chinese Martial Arts (Wushu æ­¦è¡" or Kung Fu åÂ?Â?夫) Master (Northern/Southern Boxing; Long Range; Anti-Hitting; Weaponry), Tai Chi Master (Wu 吳, Yang æ¥Â?, Chen éÂ?³ and Sun å­« Styles), Hard (Iron Shirt 鐵衫) and Soft QiGong (å...§åÂ?Â?), Western Fencing Master. He performed much clinical research on medical qigong in hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and schools on sports injuries, illnesses and diseases. For example, our Wu's Eye Qi GongâÂ?¢ went through a repetitive 3-year 4,000 clinical case study with a proven success rate of over 90%. The Wu's Eye Qi GongâÂ?¢ and Fa Qi balancing continues to give hope to those who are loosing their vision.

She is introducing a new program "Healing Diabetes the Qi Gong Way" naturally with Coach William Power starting Dec 2011. Malfunctioning of organs require re-balancing the energy Chi or qi flow of the body. Healing the pancreas preventing diabetes and healing diabetes naturally needs Qi Gong energy !!

She offers:

- Medical Qi Gong Certifcation Program for Professionals and Therapists - Qi Gong Instructors Program - Ancient Qi Healing Program - Qi Balancing Sessions for physical or emotional issues (in person, phone or Skype)

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