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Dev E Maritz

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Dev is the founder of Imminent Flow which supports struggling individuals with setbacks they cannot let go off, and make them into momentum building achievers, that focus on permanent change to reach their ideal life in the shortest time possible.

What Does Imminent Flow Mean?

Imminent describes something that is likely to happen real soon (Your Destiny)

Flow is the mental state of operation in which a person in an activity is fully immersed in a sense of energized focus, full involvement, and success in the process of the activity.

My life (Like so many) has been a roller coaster in the last 10 years going through several jobs, failing at businesses, losing hope and trying to find purpose in life.

Once a person has an idea in their head, it is difficult to let go of it. So my journey started with having this idea of working for myself but, unfortunately, wishful thinking got the best out of me.

My partner left me after being together for 6 years because of dreams I was chasing and eventually had to sell everything I had (Which wasn't much) and start again. I blamed myself and others for the pain I went through, that I couldn't let go and ultimately never started living again.

Until I picked up a book that literally changed my life instantly. From that moment on, I learned that moving forward can happen quickly when:

1) You are truly receptive to change cause you believe there is a better way to live than the way you have been living.

2) An "Emotional Bubble" burst which made that character incredibly submissive to listen to itself and others.

So through an incredible journey, I had a profound discovery that my past kept me from living without regrets, and pursuing goals without fear!

The things we hold onto so dearly that shape our paradigms are so simple, but yet, we do not know how to overcome it.

It stops people from building a life worth living!

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