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Michael B Zettergren

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My name is Michael. I am the founder and owner of an outfitter called Adventure Lovers. We are based in Sweden. I was a stock broker for 20 years. Worked for different big banks around the world. Four years ago I had a change of heart. I thought life is short and believe in living my dream. My dream was and to start my own company. I needed to do something completely different from the finance world. So I picked wilderness life with trekking and climbing. I love it every single day and I hope to be able to do this for the rest of my life. My wife and I have a son, Colin. He is one year old. One day I'll bring him to the lovely Himalayas and hope that he will fall in love in this beautiful mountain range exactly as I have.

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You are getting close to Everest. If you have followed my climbing program you have a great knowledge in mountaineering. You should feel confident in yourself ahead of the last part. Below you will

Travel & Leisure> Adventure Travel l 2 years ago

It's time to get in the same shape as an Olympic athlete. Does it sound tough or even impossible? Well it certainly will be tough with all that training ahead of you, but if you really want to climb

Travel & Leisure> Adventure Travel l 2 years ago

Climbing Everest is a dream for many people and for most of these people it remains just a dream. For a few hundred climbers every year, it is more than a dream. Is it even possible to climb almost

Travel & Leisure> Adventure Travel l 2 years ago

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