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Pete Koerner has put the Belief Formula to the test throughout his life - flying airplanes and helicopters, driving fire trucks, scuba diving, mountain climbing, kayaking, and traveling to many parts of the world teaching the secrets of creating and loving your own life. Pete has successfully navigated the business and entrepreneurial world - starting several successful businesses - and he continues to explore new ideas for growth.

Pete and his wife, Jennifer, are both Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) specialists with training in a variety of disciplines, including: Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychological Kinesiology, EFT, Public Safety Peer Counseling and many other clinical modalities. Both Jennifer and Pete have extensive backgrounds in both Public Safety and Stress Management (in both the Public and Private sectors) giving them an vast pool of resources and experience as well as unique insight into the mechanisms and manifestations of stress.

Pete and Jennifer are also relationship enhancement experts - teaching individuals and couples the benefits and dynamics of creating harmonious relationships. Pete and Jennifer teach techniques and concepts for building relationship awareness as well as skills for making relationships stronger, healthier, happier, and more rewarding. Pete and Jennifer write, speak, teach, and consult on relationship improvement and empowerment - working with individuals, and teaching classes, both in person and via telephone and internet.

Pete Koerner is dedicated to helping humanity reach its highest potential by using ancient wisdom and cutting edge science to create and teach techniques for peak performance and personal growth & transformation. Pete conducts retreats and seminars, and speaks and writes on the subjects of peak performance, stress management, healing, prayer, philosophy and fearless living. He has helped hundreds of individuals achieve better health and greater happiness with his transformational techniques and methods - helping them free themselves from fear and limiting beliefs so they can achieve their hearts desires and live their dreams.

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