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Kelly Fredrickson

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Kelly has been an avid kiwi camper from a young age, enjoying the great outdoors with her family at many camping spots throughout the North Island in New Zealand. Now all grown up, Kelly still loves travelling around NZ, camping where possible and enjoys weekend tramping trips. Travel and getting to know other cultures is another passion for Kelly after living in Paraguay, South America as a 17 year old. Kelly said travelling on the cheap often means camping out in very different places such a great experience for anyone with an open mind.

After 4 years of working at Kiwi Camping, Kelly has gained considerable experience in the camping and outdoors market. Kelly holds a Bachelor of Tourism and Marketing degree obtained at Waikato University which gave her the base knowledge and confidence to enter into the marketing world. Kelly strongly believes in preserving the amazing resources NZ has to offer and is a eager supporter of conservation and sustainability of the outdoors.

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Going on your 'Overseas Experience' (or 'OE' as has become the standard Kiwi slang) is almost a rite of passage for most young New Zealanders. Some take a year off between high school and university,

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