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Sornie Samante

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My name is Sornie Samante, As an intermediate Internet Marketing Consultant I have taken the time to learn many different aspects within the market. Whether I am generating articles with SEO intent or doing various blog commenting for a little added marketing I am busy learning away as I go.

I have now worked within the freelancing market for nearing 4 years times and fully dedicated myself to each and every project. My objective is to become skilled in all areas possible and keep expanding my abilities within SEO, Internet Marketing & Content Development.

There are many different niche markets I've worked within and many markets I've done marketing within. It doesn't matter if you are in a simplistic market or a fast paced market, I've worked within it. There are several companies I've worked for that have gone above and beyond with training me to be an SEO specialist which has allowed me to truly show my excellence within the market.

Above all I have experience as a project manager for an SEO marketing company, a web development company and also a writing company. Each of these projects has allowed me to broaden my experience and get a better grasp of the ins and outs of each market.

My experience is quite large and I would gladly take the time to prove myself and my experience to show you that I can not only fulfill your needs and expectations, but go above and beyond to get the task done.I am also quite familiar with the utilization of Photoshop, Wordpress, including implementing themes, widgets, content and basic HTML. Been utilizing Wordpress for almost 4 years now both for personal use and business use.

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