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Ranya Georgalas

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Member since: Apr 22, 2012

I am a professional marketer who a few years ago whilst marketing a service called Carbonite here in Australia fell into the world of blogging and digital marketing. I built a few websites of my own, in particular through which I sell advertising and run affiliate marketing programs.

I enjoy blogging about any topic that interests me or is topical at the moment. We all have an opinion, lets share it.

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With so many devices today requiring an internet connection, there has to be a smart way to share your internet allowance around. A Wifi Modem can do this for you.

Communications> Broadband Internet l 2 years ago

Ever wondered why a prepaid phone card is so cheap compared to what your fixed phone line provider is charging you? We look into how these cards are built.

Communications> Telephone Systems l 2 years ago

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