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Mark G Anderson

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MARK G. ANDERSON, PE A man with creative ideas & powerful solutions for tomorrow's energy & water crisis

Mark G. Anderson founded ReTechnology Power and Water Engineering (RETECH) with over 30 years of experience in Energy Project Engineering within Mechanical & Project Engineering, Construction Management, and Energy & Power Management including Alternative Energy and Renewable Power Productions Systems and its Business Development. He started in the commercial Nuclear power industry and progressed to international projects related to utility scale wind & solar power, waste heat recovery, waste water treatment, and ultrapure water treatment.

As the CEO, he is in charge of the over-all management of the company seeking renewable energy and water engineering and construction projects. He provides independent power and water solutions to developing nations & small island developing states. He also supports the USTDA, United Nations, USAID, & NGOs by being their effective advisor/consultant.

Prior to establishing RETECH, he was a Sr VP/General Manager of an EPC contractor partnering with BrightSource energy and numerous clients for engineering project management activities around the world; Executive Director of a non-profit organization that provides resources through a wiki based resource center, to assist individuals and small business to develop traditional and alternative energy choice solutions; Director of Engineering & Construction of boutique sustainable energy development company; Director of Engineering/ISO Program Manager.

Mark Studied Contracts and Intellectual Property Law in the JD program from Whittier Law School, California, USA (2007-2008); Holds an Executive Master of Business Administration degree from San Diego State University, California, USA (2003-2005), and a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Hartford, Connecticut, USA (1975-1979). He is licensed to pursue his professional Engineer career in 2 states: California and Minnesota, USA. With all his experiences, knowledge, skills, capabilities in his field, and dedication in making a difference to this world, he is definitely the man to move mountains towards solving global economic and environmental challenges...Creating tomorrow's energy and water today.

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