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W J Simmons

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W.J. Simmons has been involved in complementary health for over 25 years as both practitioner and lecturer. During this time he noticed that there was a wide discrepancy between how successful individual clinics were - and this difference in the level of success had very little to do with the skill of the practitioner.

The clinics that were doing the best all had procedures in place allowing them to maximise the number of patients they attracted, keep hold of existing patients and seemingly generate referrals at will. They also capitalised on their sales of supplements, modalities and other back-end (after treatment) sales.

Studying and learning from these successful practitioners with thriving clinics and others in the practice development arena he used the knowledge gained to allow him to semi-retire in his mid 40s and devote himself to helping others grow their own clinics using easy to implement, ethical ideas. This know-how has now been fine-tuned, honed and polished and is available as the Exponential Practice Growth programme.

When not working, teaching or writing he likes to catch up with U.S. crime dramas - just in case he ever decides to pull off that one big final job!

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