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Since the age of 7, Sharita remembers being attracted to reading the horoscope section of the newspaper. Raised in the beauty of upstate NY, the first period of her life was spent in solitude as a nature lover and a horse enthusiast. She went on to be an honors graduate of SUNY Oneonta with a Bachelor of Science in Theatre. Her studies include acting, singing, drawing, writing and a formal and extensive education in astrology, numerology and metaphysics.

Called to be of service to others, she credits much of this inspiration and knowledge to the teachings of Astrologer and Poet Linda Goodman. Goodman's teachings introduced the insight of how deeply astrology, numerology and lexigrams are connected. Sharita discovered that Goodman's revelations were accurate when applied to any person or entity. She has concluded that in order to gain complete insight, these three intertwining subjects must be interpreted together.

Since establishing Sharita's Star Secrets, has consulted Sharita about the reality shows American Idol, The Bachelorette, and Average Joe: Hawaii. She has appeared as a returning guest on numerous notable radio shows such as CBS Radio's Visions with Psychic Barbara Mackey, Wings of Love with Allie Cheslick, The Suzane Northrup Show to Contact Talk Radio's Turning of the Wheel with Chris Flisher. Sharita also produces her own radio show, What's Your Sign? I Have Your Number! which discusses the intricate link of astrology and numerology.

Always studying the stars, Sharita teaches and lectures through the Star Learning Series. For ages 3 and up, she fosters and nurtures any soul's innate abilities by translating our planets knowledge through art projects and genuine universal education. Her unique development of hands-on and engaging projects soundly educate the willing student about the real wonders of "As Above, So Below." A psychic reader at The Awareness Shop, one of the top metaphysical stores in New York, she holds her classes here as well.

A regular column writer, Sharita's words can be seen in Your Astral Health for Create Your Health with Peter Bedard, a bi-monthly Lunar-O-Scope for the Utica Phoenix and for the online magazine The Alchemical Heart.

Currently residing between New York City and her country home in Chatham, NY, Steiner Books through their imprint Portal Books, published Sharita's long-awaited first release on the uncanny mysteries of Lexigrams: It's All In The Name in July 2011.

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