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Gulya Nur

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I just want to be a little candle that lights the way to a weary traveler. Sharing the light that I have been given is my passion. I am excited to share everything that motivates, inspires, uplifts, and brings positive change in the lives of the reader. And hope to see it passed further along by those that share my vision. Reading and collecting the nuggets of wisdom is my hobby. They say that you can only share from a full cupboard, and if your own soul is empty you will not have anything to pour out on anyone else. I have been blessed to be inspired by many authors, motivational speakers, and especially by the life changing Words of Jesus and the Bible. So I want to pass it forward to anyone that needs this light to brighten their path of life to a happier & fulfilled future.

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Motivational reading on how to develop Initiative in four simple steps. You can increase your popularity with friends or with your boss by taking more initiative, and find out how much it is

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