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Jassen Bowman

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Jassen Bowman is a licensed Enrolled Agent. He currently works with taxpayers that owe the IRS and state taxing authorities back taxes. If you are looking for tax relief, contact Jassen for a free consultation to investigate your options.

In his free time, Jassen is an ice dancer and figure skating test judge.

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Tax resolution services firms have a large number of different pricing models they use. Understanding these pricing models will help you make a more informed decision regarding whom you hire for help.

Finance > Taxes Relief l 2 years ago

Tax resolution companies can be some of the most unscrupulous outfits on the planet. Don't become yet another victim of tax resolution scams. This article will show you how to identify the hucksters,

Finance > Taxes Relief l 2 years ago

One of the difficulties that can arise from being a self-employed handyman is figuring out how to handle taxes. Understanding tax law is obviously something most people would rather not get into, due

Finance > Taxes Relief l 2 years ago

An IRS Installment Agreement, or payment plan, is the primary means by which taxpayers with tax debts settle up with the government. A special provision in the law allows the IRS to accept payment

Finance > Taxes Relief l 2 years ago

Figure skating is a sport that requires more than just grace and artistry. While most non-skaters don't realize this, pulling off any technical element in skating requires a significant amount of

Recreation & Sports> Figure Skating l 3 years ago

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