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Susan B Frelick

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Susan Frelick has had an active interest in home food production, food preservation and home storage for 30 years. She lives with her husband in rural Canada in a 120 year old farm house that they have renovated and modernized. Susan understands the yearning that people have for self reliance, and has recently experienced firsthand the importance of family preparedness when illness, and consequently job loss, required her to put her food storage into action for several months. This experience has left her with a big push to be even more prepared herself, and to help others become prepared for life's curve balls.

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Just how much space do you need for your long-term food storage? In this article is the coveted information many seek. The answer to the perennial I have enough space?

Reference & Education> Survival and Emergency l 2 years ago

Find out about the 3 factors that determine quality in stored home canning. Improve your chances of keeping food nutritionally viable.

Reference & Education> Survival and Emergency l 2 years ago

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