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Swenea H.

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Hello everyone!

I am a woman that loves to research and write about love, dating, marriage and relationship advice.

I also really fascinated by the different ways men and women can interpret the same situation. These wonderful differences can sometimes lead to disagreements but it also creates the sparks that keep us attracted to each other.

Relationship advice has come to me from many different sources. Some from my own experiences, some from my peers and other advice from people that are in the types of long-term relationships I hope to be in one day.

Women especially seem to be drawn to learning all they can about how they can start or grow a romantic relationship. I am no different. Serious committed relationships, especially those that end in marriage are extremely important to society. I even believe that they are the building blocks of society.

In times were divorce are growing at a rapid rate, i believe i is time for a resurgence of attention paid to building stronger relationships and marriages. Men and women should try their best to understand one another and learn to communicate with each other in a loving way so that these marriage can last.

I have made it my personal mission to find out all i can about the way that men think about relationships so that I can in turn communicate with my partner in a loving way.

I always try to share any helpful tips I learn so that all women can be in a relationship that they dream of having.

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