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Joe D Willis

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I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. I have recently moved to Harrisburg, Pa., where my beautiful wife, Barbara and I now live. I have a very unique perspective on what true beauty is. I was totally absorbed in the image of what and who the world said that I was. This led me straight to a prison, for eight years, on the border of Texas and Mexico. While I was serving my time, I began to notice that all these so-called tough guys were nothing more than shattered images of their true identity. They were so caught up in how everyone saw them that they, as so many of us do, were totally blinded to who they were. I began to see myself for who I was and the more I focused on my true inner image, it began to paint itself on the outside of me. We are all created beautiful, we need to learn how to bring our own unique beauty out so the world can see it.

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The fashion and beauty industry have one thought in mind, that is to make you over into the picture of yourself that they have created. Billboards and Magazines portray images of beautiful people in

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