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Laura Schroeder

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Laura Schroeder was at one time a single mom on welfare, living in housing. She returned to college around the age of forty and was a parole officer for seven years. She volunteered her time at the local mission. She now spends her time writing. She enjoys encouraging others to keep trying in their pursuit of quality of life. She would like to hear from you if her articles have been helpful.

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When we use the word "multicultural", we tend to think about people in other countries. However, even in our own country we have multiple cultures. Sharing our stories brings us together so that our

Book Reviews> Biographies Memoirs l 2 years ago

You learn who real friends are quickly. Don't let the good ones get away. Little quirks become less important when you get to the heart of the matter.

Relationships> Friendship l 2 years ago

Author, Wes Moore, writes on behalf of himself and "The Other Wes Moore". It is insightful and thought provoking. It is a must read for anyone passionate about social issues.

Book Reviews> Biographies Memoirs l 2 years ago

Sometimes change comes when and where you least expect it. Wherever your everyday path leads you is an opportunity to make a difference. We may not have the same experiences that Greg Mortenson did

Book Reviews> Multicultural l 2 years ago

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