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Michael Kaufman

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I have been sort of a jack of all trades for quite a number of years. My earliest "occupation" was in the lawncare field, where I owned and operated an organic lawncare mowing and fertilization company. I ran this business for a number of years and learned much about organic lawncare that I did not know starting out.

While running this company I ran across a unique company that offered two product lines that proved very useful to my business and very environmentally friendly.

One product line (AGGRAND) was a very well formulated liquid organic fertilizer line which proved invaluable to keeping my customers' lawn and landscaping looking it's best. Experience also showed that it worked equally well on fruits & vegetables.

So, about 10 years ago I began moving out of the lawncare field (at least in a "hands-on" way) and into online fertilizer sales. I currently market the very same fertilizer that I used to apply to my customers' lawns. I sell to and consult with homeowners, commercial landscapers, farmers, nurseries ... pretty much anyone who uses or sells fertilizer.

The other product line that I used in my lawncare business, oddly enough, was an environmentally friendly line of premium synthetic lubricants and high efficiency oil and air filters for automotive and large/small equipment use (AMSOIL).

My results with the AMSOIL products, both in my business equipment and my personal equipment was (and IS) nothing short of amazing - and I have thousands of customers who continually attest to the same. It has been a pleasure and an honor to market these products as well for the past 15 years.

Fortunately for me and my family, I have enjoyed a good deal of success marketing both of these product lines and have had the opportunity to learn much about organic lawncare and farming, lubrication and filtration and business marketing.

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