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Robin Henry

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Robin is a human resources specialist with a background in the military (Air Force), policing, vocational education and training, training management, consulting, and public administration.

He has over 25 years experience as an HR specialist and a life-long interest in organisation and methods and communication. He sells a range of products from several Internet sites and does some selective consulting.

He has a Master's degree in education technology, Bachelor's degrees in HR and business communication and educational administration, and a Diploma of Teaching (Technical and Further Education).

Most of Robin's business activity is carried out online from his home office at Alice Springs, Central Australia, which is colloquially known as "The Red Centre".

Robin enjoys dining with friends, "going bush" in his four wheel drive, reading and writing, digital photography, and spending time with his grandson.

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Business communication teaching need not be boring. There is always an opportunity to do or say the unexpected and to use the experience of students to make a point.

Business > Workplace Communication l 2 years ago

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