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Susan Q Parker

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Expert Bra fitter and absolute lover of Lingerie and all things beautiful in Fashion.

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Wacoal's best selling bra is by far and away the Embrace lace balcony bra in nude and ivory. That goes for the US market, UK and France which tells us something about the shape, fit and design of

Shopping Product Reviews> Lingerie l 2 years ago

Ladies we have heard time and time again how many of us are wearing the wrong bra size. I'm sure like me you are no stranger to the problems this can cause, ranging from minor discomfort, ruining

Shopping Product Reviews> Lingerie l 2 years ago

Search for designer lingerie and you will undoubtedly discover over a million search results that in one way or another fit the bill. As with designer branded apparel you have different levels of

Shopping Product Reviews> Lingerie l 2 years ago

When trying on a bra which hooks should I use? A common question from the ladies in the fitting room, some people have told them this others that, and from the point of view of buying lingerie you

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I like a simple solution that doesn't take up too much time, so when we were approached by Wacoal to try the new iPants, we were naturally keen. This product is most certainly simple, it doesn't take

Womens Interests> Beauty Products l 2 years ago

For those not entirely "au fait" with the wonderful world of lingerie, Lise Charmel is the Yves Saint Laurent of the underwear world. Founded in 1975 having just celebrated 35 years, Lise Charmel's

Shopping Product Reviews> Lingerie l 3 years ago

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