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Larry Wenger is a graduate of the Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Kansas. Larry spent forty years as a human service leader and helped develop programs for children and adults in the U.S., Canada and Guatemala. In 2004 he founded the Workforce Performance Group which helps non-profits, small businesses and associations develop their leadership capacity. Since 2004, about 40 organizations and 2500 staff have been involved in Larry's workshops. Larry is married and the father of three children and grandfather to four. In his spare time, Larry likes to be around the water and sailboats. During 2009 he plans to build his second sailboat. He is registered with LinkedIn, Facebook and has a video on You Tube entitled Preparing Leaders. In addition to his on-site leadership development work he will be producing a self-study leadership workbook in early 2009.

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Inside of every employee is the capacity to have a much bigger, more positive impact on your organization. Maybe even enough ability to be your next CEO. For most, that capacity remains hidden. If

Business > Change Management l 2 years ago

The younger generation of employers are not prepared to work in an environment where "command and control" is the management style. They want to be heard and have input; have choices. They want to be

Business > Change Management l 2 years ago

Staff meetings have a bad reputation. They are often seen as a waste of time. The same issues come up, over and over again. Problems are never resolved. The same people dominate the discussion. The

Business > Workplace Communication l 2 years ago

Like the rest of our society, finger-pointing and blame are often a part of the culture at social service agencies. This needs to change to an emphasis on truth-telling as a way of getting to the

Business > Non Profit l 2 years ago

Making hire decisions with your gut or intuition is like "shooting at a target in the dark without using night vision goggles." Most of us have had to learn by doing when it comes to hiring. But

Business > Non Profit l 2 years ago

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